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Langridge Ellis Gold Coast 2018

Malaysians were 'one step ahead' admits England duo

Three weeks ago Chris Langridge and Marcus Ellis were two points and a line call away from a first career win against Goh V Shem and Tan Wee Kiong – at the YONEX All England - in a match that caught the imagination of fans.
Ultimately that day the Malaysians won the critical points in a three end battle that was finely balanced and full of fine margins from first point to last.
Swap Arena Birmingham for the Gold Coast and,this time, the English pair had no option to to admit that the Olympic silver medallists were simply too good after a comprehensive 21-9 21-11 scoreline that did not flatter the Malaysians as they took the opening point in the team semi-final.
Langridge Ellis Commonwealth Gold Coast 2018In fact, the scoreline could have been worse on England's lead men's doubles pair given the level of performance – brilliantly blending speed of transition, deception and power - coming back at them from across the net.
It was an overpowering performance not lost on Ellis and Langridge who were quick to praise their opponents with a sense of honesty that is refreshing in today’s sport.
“To be honest, it didn’t matter what we did,” Langridge said. “The way they played there, I don’t think too many people would have beaten them.
"They played very well.
“It’s very frustrating but it’s the skill of the game and on the day, if someone plays better than you, it’s hard to find a solution at times.
“The hardest thing is to change what you are doing because we tried different strategies but they seemed to adapt quickly to everything we tried.
“They were one step ahead of us.”


Langridge, Ellis and their England team mates have an immediate chance to bounce back from their 3-0 semi-final defeat when they face Singapore tomorrow in the Commonwealth Games 2018 bronze medal match (2am BST, Monday 9 April). 

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