The National Badminton League

The National Badminton League

Following the recent release our 2023-2033 strategy (‘Badminton – A Sport For Everyone’), Badminton England is actively piloting a National Badminton League competition which will run between December 2023 and March 2024 and seeks to build on the INSPIRE pillar.

First launching in October 2014, it initially included six franchise teams before expanding to seven by the time it reached its final year in 2017. The National Badminton League returned for a pilot season in 2023-24, looking to build on the foundations established previously, but exploring a sustainable way of creating engaging competitive and fan opportunities.

The four teams competing in this pilot season were:

Wycombe Performance | The National Badminton League | Badminton England

Wycombe Performance

Coach Pathway | Coaching | Badminton England

Team Skyfall (powered by MKBA and HBC)

University of Nottingham Sport | The National Badminton League | Badminton England

University of Nottingham

Wimbledon Racquets & Fitness | The National Badminton League | Badminton England

Wimbledon Racquets & Fitness Club

Each team competed either home or away to their rivals, five events (Men’s & Women’s Singles, Men’s & Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles), each played to the best of 5 games to 11 points. At the end of the season, the top team was crowned the National Badminton League 2024 winner!

Having coasted to a comfortable 5-0 win over High Wycombe Performance in the opening fixture back in December, the University of Nottingham took early advantage in the tournament.

But Team Skyfall edged to a 3-2 win away to Wimbledon Racquets and Fitness Club in their opening clash before sealing a vital 4-1 victory at home, in Milton Keynes, to their Nottinghamshire rivals in February.

The title was theirs when they just overcame the challenge of High Wycombe – winning 3-2 at home last month to top the table with an unbeaten record in 2023-24.

Congratulations to all who took part in the pilot season of this year’s National Badminton League! And well done to Team Skyfall!

As part of Badminton England’s new ten-year strategy was an ambition to create more opportunities to watch players play live world-class badminton domestically to inspire and engage our nation in badminton. And incorporated into that objective was the aim to relaunch the National Badminton League as a sustainable, commercially viable league capable of increasing the sport’s profile and visibility with its players.

So take a look at this pilot season’s results and keep your eyes peeled for how we hope to develop the League in 2024-25!

Results and Fixtures

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