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Welcome to membership of Badminton England and firstly thank you for your support throughout a very challenging year. ​

Your support enables us to govern and protect badminton in England. It enables more kids to play badminton in school, to train more teachers and coaches, to provide 100’s of competitions up and down the country for all levels of ability. ​

It enables us to host the world’s greatest Championship, to support the next generation of stars and those who proudly represent you at European, Commonwealth, World, Olympic and Paralympic level. Put simply, we couldn’t do what we do, without you. ​

We are proud to be your governing body and to represent you. Thank you for playing your part.​

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Why Become A Member?

Priority Access to YONEX All England Tickets

Commonwealth Games Priority Access Exclusive Member Offers
  • The World’s largest badminton tournament
  • We will be offering exclusive priority tickets to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.
  • Discounts on selected kit and equipment on Direct Sports

  • Visit the YONEX All England website here for more information. 
  • Visit the official Games website here to find out more about the event 
  • Access to exclusive Member Competitions.
Insurance Discount On Tournament Entry Personalised Communications
  • £5 off social competitions. 
  • Monthly newsletter. 
  • Personal Accident Insurance for Compete and Coach Members, including: 
    • Physiotherapy cover 
    • Kit and equipment insurance. 
  • £7 off tournament entry.
  • Stay up to date with all the latest badminton news and updates.
Exclusive Member Offers Discounts On Court Bookings Badminton England Support
  • Discounts on selected kit and equipment on Direct Sports
  • Affiliated clubs can enjoy discount on court bookings through selected leisure operators.
  • Help will always be on hand from our dedicated teams, including safeguarding, coaching and competition for example.
  • Access to exclusive Member Competitions. 
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Find The Right Membership For Your Club

Support The Sport

What do we do as your National Governing Body?

  • Provide a well governed, compliant and inclusive sport
  • Represent you at Government level ensuring as many players as possible can return to badminton​
  • Represent our clubs and community players to increase the number of available facilities and courts​
  • Protect children and vulnerable adults through our safeguarding measures​
  • Provide insurance protection for every affiliated club and member​
  • Organise a broad range of programmes, courses, tournaments and events​
  • Qualify community coaches and teachers
  • Secure more courts and court time for clubs and players​
  • Provide a pathway from community badminton to the high performance environment​
  • Provide a calendar of circa 200 tournaments a year for players of all levels​
  • Provide a national ranking system for more than 10,000 players​
  • Select teams to represent England at European and World level​
  • Manage the Olympic and Paralympic programme on behalf of the GB nations​
Find The Right Membership For You
Find The Right Membership For Your Club
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Join the UK’s most played racket sport

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