Mairs 1200

2 April, 2024

Greg and Jenny Mairs reached the third round of the Spanish Masters with a strong start in Madrid.

A brilliant opening round performance from the duo saw them down number eight seeds Hee Yong Kai Terry and Tan Wei Han Jessica from Singapore in a tense match-up.

The pair won the first game 21-18 before being pushed to 22-20 in the second to take the overall win, in what is a brilliant set up just days out from the European Championships in Germany.

It was close throughout with the two sides evenly matched, as the Mairs’ took 43 rallies to their opponents’ 38.

Filled with confidence following their victory, the English pair overcame Japan’s Hiroki Nishi and Akari Sato in their second game of the tournament.

The duo fell to a 15-21 loss in their first game but roared back to reverse the score in the second and force a decider.

Keeping their cool, the Mairs took the final game 21-16 to continue their run in Spain.

Their win set up a fierce battle against number two seeds Thom Gicquel and Delphine Delrue of France.

The Mairs opened the first game with the first point and held a marginal lead until the French took four points in a row to edge ahead and take the first game 21-19 before wrapping up the contest 21-10 and ending the Mairs’ run in Madrid.

Badminton Photo/Yves Lacroix

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