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17 July, 2023

Larchfield Badminton Club located in Darlington is a thriving club with a growing membership base and has now set its sights on re-entering teams and competing in the local Darlington & District League in the future. However, back at the start of 2022 things were quite different.

The club was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and when indoor sports were allowed to return, many players had left badminton, choosing to seek their fitness and socialising in other activities. This presented a huge challenge for the club, who for the first time were now in a position where they were dipping into their reserve finances to cover the costs to hire their facilities badminton courts.

As an affiliated Badminton England club, the Larchfield committee were already in close contact with their Badminton England Relationship Manager, but when it became apparent that their funds were running out, more needed to happen and fast.

Holly Robson, who is the Badminton England Relationship Manager for the North East & Yorkshire, was quick to make an impact, advising on different ways and opportunities the club could increase its membership by welcoming new players.

One of Holly’s suggestions was to run No Strings Badminton sessions.

She said: “No Strings Badminton sessions are such a fantastic way for clubs and facilities to open their doors and welcome new players to the sport. The sessions are for adults of any ability and are not coach led, its just about playing the game of badminton in a fun and friendly atmosphere!”

With Holly’s support, the club received a £250 grant from Badminton England, which allowed them to secure court block bookings for club nights and No Strings sessions. Five club members then completed their online No Strings Badminton coordinator training which is free to Badminton England club members. With this knowledge and a local marketing campaign to promote the new sessions, No Strings Badminton began!

The club now has an established No Strings Badminton session each week, with a smooth internal booking process that ensures the club books each week the correct number of courts for the number of attending players. The club’s finances are now in a stronger position, with an increased number of club members.

If you would like to find out how No Strings Badminton sessions could introduce new players to your club, contact your local Badminton England Relationship Manager here

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