Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What is the period of the new season?
Following feedback through the consultation period the new 17-18 membership season (and subsequent seasons) will commence on 1st September.
As this is the first season for the new structure will there be an overlap with the existing 16-17 membership period?
As this is a one off change in dates (as part of the wider changes to membership offer and services) there will be no overlap in membership with the 16-17 season. The change in season dates was a response to feedback received during the consultation period of the project. 17-18 membership season will commence on 1st Sep 2017 but the member and club administration system will be live from mid-July so clubs, counties and members will be able to register for the 17-18 season and use the new system from that point. 
If a CLUB affiliates in the 1-10 members tier and pays the £50 fee, will they be charged up to £50 more if they register additional members and enter the higher tiers later in the season? 
The season runs from Sep 17 - Aug 18. Clubs that continue to register new players, during this period, after they have made the first payment will incur an additional affiliation fee if they pass a volume threshold. The details of how this will work are still to be confirmed i.e. reviewed again at a set date or just automatically charged. This will be advised prior to the affiliation opening. Club affiliation fees are calculated against the volume of members and offset against lower individual member fees so the overall cost to the club will be the same or less in most cases.
Are Helpers-Volunteers-Officials (HVOs) counted as actual members? 
For a club to be affiliated to Badminton England all members of that club are required to be affiliated. There will be a complimentary allocation of HVO memberships per club (TBC but likely x2) and this will be included in the club volume count which determines the club affiliation fee.
If a player affiliates as a PLAY member but is then asked to play in a County match (probably as a one off) can they just pay the £5 competition fee?
Yes, Play members can pay the £5 competition fee attached to Sanctioned events. COMPETE members (whether registered through a club or directly) do not have to pay an additional competition fee for Sanctioned events as this is included in their membership as a ‘Competition Licence’. The County will also have available a limited number of 'emergency' upgrades to Compete Membership that they may be able to use. 
Where can I find support to help me with the new GoMembership system? 
In the build up to the 17-18 season there will be a number of online tutorials/webinars to talk through the functionality of the new Badminton England GoMembership system – these will also be available on-demand after the time through the Badminton England website. As part of our ‘Discover Badminton’ strategy over the next eight years there will be increasing ‘on-the-ground’ support for clubs and counties and our Relationship Managers will be visiting all CBAs before September to discuss the changes and system and will be available for clubs to contact as required. The membership team will continue to be available by email or phone as needed.
Will the ‘Tournament Software’ competition platform be upgraded/modified to make it easier for the tournament secretaries to see if a player has the required licence to enter?
You will be able to find the player on the new GoMembership system and view their affiliations & credentials easily. It is also intended that the appropriate membership types will be transferred to Tournament Software and the correct rules applied to competition entries for whether a player fee is due.
What Competitions/Tournaments will require a Competition Licence?
The Competition Licence is part of the COMPETE membership. The below events will incur a ‘Player Fee’ on top of the entry (likely to be £5 per competition per person) unless the player holds a Competition Licence (is a COMPETE member):
Badminton England events:
Masters, Seniors and Juniors Circuit Series – Bronze, Silver, Gold
English National Championship Series
County Competitions:
U-18 Inter-County Tournament (ICT)
Senior County Championships
Will the Competition Licence be rolled out to the Masters County Championships and Masters County Challenge in the future? 
The intention is to roll-out the Competition Licence requirement to Masters County competitions in year 2 (18-19 season). 
Will the Competition Licence be rolled out to the Shires League in the future?
No decision has yet been made with regards to Shires League but this will be discussed with relevant stakeholders for potential inclusion in the future (as part of a wider competition review).
Does the COACH membership include the competition licence?
The Competition Licence is included as part of the COMPETE membership. COMPETE is available as an upgrade option from other membership types for £10. COACH members will be required to upgrade in order to obtain the Competition Licence.
Is it a requirement from Badminton England that the club affiliation fee is passed on to each of the individual club members?
No. Whether the club affiliation subscription is passed on to each individual member as part of the ‘club fee’ is at the discretion of the club.  

It seems that a county fee is being added to the Club Affiliation; surely County fees should only be added to Members’ Affiliation.

Yes, the County fee is added to the individual Member’s Affiliation but a £5 contribution to the Counties is being made from the Club Affiliation to help continue the growth of badminton in your county.

Our club is in Essex but being close to the Suffolk border we have players living in Suffolk and a couple that play for Suffolk in the County Championships, although they actually live in Essex! It would appear that anyone joining through the club will pay Essex affiliation. Is that correct?

If you join through a club then you will pay the County fee of where that club is based and not your residing county.

Will we still be insured if we don’t affiliate our club or members by the 1st September?

Existing clubs and members looking to renew for the 17/18 season will be given a grace period of one month and be covered under the existing insurance until the 30th September.

Does our current membership run until 30th September, as this is what we paid for in this last season’s membership?

No, the 16/17 season ends on the 31st August so your membership will expire then. However clubs with the intention to renew for 17/18 have been given a grace period on the insurance until the 30th September.

If we get players turning up to play occasionally at our club, are they covered even if they are not a member of our club or BE?

Individuals who may be interested in joining a club are insured for a maximum of 6 initial “taster” sessions. For indemnity to apply it is essential that the club records their name, address and dates of attendance. These details must be retained as they may be called upon in the event of a claim. The individual must be a member from their 6th visit. Failure to do so may mean that the insurance will be invalidated in the event of a claim.

What happens if I don’t know the actual size of my club, can I choose the most appropriate and pay for that?

Yes, clubs can affiliate by paying for the band that is most appropriate to them at the time. If they go over that band in to the next size bracket they will be notified that they need to upgrade their Club Affiliation and will just pay the difference. 

Can a club have multiple sessions; eg Monday night / Friday morning, etc and be able to assign members to those session(s) for easier registrations and payments?

This will be possible through setting up events associated to the club. For each event you will be able to provide all the details including the cost for attending and then members will be able to book on and pay for this. Any monies collected will go directly into the club’s Stripe/GoCardless accounts.

We have a number of different membership structures: junior coaching, adult social play, and different periods - monthly, termly, annual, etc are we able to set start / finish dates?

Through the system you will be able to administer your own club’s membership if you wish to. You will be able to set all your own categories, including the length of the membership. Your club members will then be able to purchase the most appropriate club membership for them and pay this directly to your club’s Stripe/GoCardless account.

Will Leagues have access to the system?

We will be launching a league management element to the system in the next phase which is due for launch from September.

Will HVOs be able to log in, for example to update their home address?

Yes, HVOs will have a member profile like any other membership category and be able to use the system in the same way. Every club and County will be able to have 2 HVO memberships.

Is GoMembership compatible with multiple devices?

We are working with Azolve to improve the responsiveness of the system and this will be incorporated into the next schedule of work due to be completed in November.

Is it possible to show if a member is logged in or not at that time - maybe having the facility to message them - particularly useful if doing members between club admins, etc.

The system continues to evolve and the functionality of emailing members will be introduced around November. 

Some membership types ask me for additional documents before I can proceed. Why?

It is only possible to purchase memberships for which you are eligible or have completed all the requisite requirements. You may need to submit a First Aid qualification or DBS check to complete all the required credentials to purchase a certain membership

I added a Venue for our club but only completed the Venue Information and then clicked Save, intending to subsequently add Contacts ..... I could not go back to Edit my Venue.

When you add a venue you are adding a venue to the system that any club will then be able to use, therefore it will not be possible to edit it. In order to ensure the consistency of information and to avoid duplicates any newly added venues will be verified by Badminton England and will have the ability to edit them.

Is there any mileage in being able to add club sessions to the system? General members may search and find us / our venue, but wish to know when the session(s) is on.

Clubs will be able to add and administer club sessions through the event tool, through which members will then be able to search for sessions and join if they wish to.

Will we be notified as counties when payments have been made?

County administrators will be able to run a report on demand which will show them what payments have been made to their Stripe/GoCardless account. Counties will be able to set the frequency of when those payments are transferred to their bank accounts when they set up their Stripe/GoCardless payments.

I am currently an administrator for more than one club, how will this work on the new system?

All members will have a profile and the ability to join more than one club which will then be stored on your profile. If you are a club administrator you will have additional access to the system in order to administer your club. If you also are an administrator for another club you will have the option to choose which club you are administrating and the ability to switch between the two depending on which club you need to edit. A guidance video is being produced to support administrators to use the system.

Can we store more than one Facebook account?

There is only the ability to store one per club at the moment.

Will there be the ability to bulk email or download email contacts (secretaries, main contacts, chairs for clubs etc. etc) both collectively or split by job role for all clubs within the county?

From November there will be the functionality to bulk email from within the system but until then you will be able to run a report that will enable you to export contact details from within your county.

Counties need access to a list of registered coaches so as to check status before recommendation. It would also be useful to get access to contact details and level of status. Will this be available?

You will be able to download a report that tells you all the coaches within your County and their status, including qualification.

Will we be able to sort players by age group (both junior and masters) to enable us to determine eligibility for county teams?

You will be able to sort players by view and therefore only display the players that meet the age category. You will also be able to download a report that will display all the players and their ages enabling you to then sort using excel.

Will there be comprehensive instructions on how to operate the system?

We are in the process of creating video guidance on how to use the system which are broken down into topics. These will be available on the website shortly.

Is there the ability to add in multiple email addresses for counties?

Currently there is only the option to store one email against the County but we are able to contact other people within the County based on role.

Will there be the ability to add in county officials without needing date of birth. It can be quite awkward trying to find all the information to add in a new official on reactor currently due to the amount of information needed. Would the job description role resolve this?

Roles can be attached to any member within the county by a County Administrator via their profile. You would just need to identify the member from within your County and then update their role, this is a simple process which will have video guidance.

When a player is paid for, does the county part immediately get transferred to our bank account? Previously, they were batched up and sent (roughly) monthly.

On the new system you will need to set up Stripe and GoCardless accounts in order to accept payments through the system, but you will then be able to choose the frequency in which the county fees are then automatically paid into your bank account (daily/weekly/monthly)

Is there a report we can run that will show all paid members for the County? Previously, we could download (Excel/.csv format) a list of members which showed who had paid. We could run this when a payment was received (above) and validate members against our own database of Surrey.

Yes there will be a report that shows whether members have paid their affiliation.

When we come to affiliating our clubs 120 or more members, they will be a mixture of Play Members, Compete Members, Coaches, a Referee, and maybe the odd Junior. Will the system accept a medley of member types under the bulk affiliation method?

The bulk renewal works by renewing that member for the next season on the previous season’s membership type. So any of your members that you wanted to renew without changing their membership type you would be able to do through the bulk renew option.

If you needed to change a membership type for a member then you could do this within their profile and then add it to the basket along with the bulk renewals. You should then only need to make one payment for all memberships.

Would it be easy for us to pay BE in bulk (i.e. one payment) to upgrade to Compete Memberships for our players when we register them?  If we included it we wouldn’t be wanting to make 100 separate payments.

Yes – you would be able to add to your basket all the players you wish to buy a Compete Membership for and then pay in one payment.

When we register our players, would it be easy for our Membership Secretary to indicate in the system which player has a Compete Membership?

The best way to do this would be to renew in bulk all the Play Club Memberships and then process the Compete Membership upgrades for the relevant players after. It is then clearly identified in the system which membership type each individual holds.

Is the system set up for players entering tournaments to buy the Compete Membership directly, for example could a parent purchase a Compete Membership for their child separately to us renewing their Club Membership?

Parents are able to set up a profile for themselves and then under their profile can add ‘family members’ which they can then administer on their behalf, it would be very simple for them to then purchase a Compete Membership for their child, following the membership purchase process.

On the new system, will it be able to accommodate an individual being a member of two clubs at the same time?

Players will be able to be members of more than one club and will appear in both clubs member lists.

When adding an existing member to my club, will it be able to show me if that member is already affiliated via another club and if that affiliation is active?

Affiliation is attached to the members profile so if you added an existing member to your club, it would show that the member was already an affiliated member and the status of their membership. 

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