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We're here to help you answer your questions

If you have questions, we'll try to find the answers for you. Below are the most popular frequently asked questions. We're here to help, so don't worry, if you can't find what you're looking for, you can use our contact details to call us. 

Why do we have to pay county fees when we already pay fees to Badminton England?

The County Badminton Association of which your club is registered support the maintenance and development of local badminton infrastructure, deliver local competitive opportunities, support local talent development as well as other services which vary by County. Your County fees contribute to the implementation of those initiatives.

Which county do we affiliate to?

It will be the county in which your club is located.

How much does it cost to affiliate a club to Badminton England?

It does not cost anything. All members of a club are required to be current members of Badminton England for a club to become affiliated to Badminton England. There is no specific fee that a club itself is required to pay.

What benefits and services do I receive as a member of Badminton England?

Check out our fantastic benefits and services of our membership options HERE.

What is the age limit for Senior and Junior members?

Senior members - Born on or before 31st December 1997.
Junior members – Born on or after 1st January 1998 (18 and under).

How do I set up a new club or league?

Click HERE to access the set up a new club or league form. Complete the form and click submit. We will then add this information to our central database, inform the relevant county and set up the main contacts online access to the club. The main contact will be informed of access and how to affiliate the club. 

Why can't add my email address to another member profile?

The reason for this is to keep members data secure and abide by data protection laws, something that we take very seriously. If your email address is attached to another members profile then you will not receive your full benefits and services. To add a new email address please contact 
If I play for more than one club, do I have to pay an additional Badminton England membership fee?
The answer is no. You will only be required to pay one Badminton England fee even if you play for more than one club. However you may have to pay an additional county fee if that is the particular county’s policy.
If I have paid through the coaching register, do I need to pay again?
No you don’t. Once you have paid your Badminton England membership fees through the coaching register there are no additional fees due for club membership. The online renewal system will recognise this. However, a separate county fee may be due. If you think that you are an affiliated coach and the system is still charging club membership fees then please contact the Education and Training department
If a club has a visitor are they covered by insurance?

Yes, a visitor to a club is covered by the club’s insurance for up to 6 visits. On their 7th visit the player must affiliate to Badminton England and the county. You must keep a visitor book with contact details and dates of attendance, this is for insurance purposes in case a claim is made against the visitor.

Does badminton England take payment online for club fees?

Unfortunately we don't currently have an online payment situation in place. We can take payment over the phone by Visa/Mastercard, once you have placed your order online, give us a call on 01908 268453 with your renewal order number. We will then process the renewal for you.

I’m having problems with my login details to access tournament software, can you help?

If you have forgotten your password then click HERE. If you are still experiencing problems logging in please contact the domestic competitions team

We are a social club why do we have to affiliate to Badminton England?

Does your club take part in county or league matches?

YES - The club has to be affiliated to play in county or league matches.

NO - Does your club play weekly at a venue with members in a club environment?

If 'YES', then you do have to be affiliated because the other membership types we offer will not give correct insurance cover. If the answer is 'NO', then we do offer a social membership which allows members to play at a venue with their friends socially. Although keep in mind that this is not a club membership, the insurance provided is only for social play.

I would like to be a direct member of Badminton England, how would I go about this?
Click HERE to see the direct ways to join us.
Have you been a member of Badminton England before? If 'YES', then you can login to your membership profile HERE and purchase your new membership. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it HERE.
If you have never purchased a membership with us click HERE and select the direct membership type and make payment online.
If our club is affiliated to Badminton England what insurance cover do we receive?
Keeping safe on court is very important. Our members are covered by Sports & Recreation Liability insurance up to £10million. Please note this is not a 'personal accident' cover. An example of the level of cover is when playing against another member and you hit the member in the eye with a shuttle, if that member makes a claim against you, you will be covered by insurance.
Click HERE for further information about keeping safe on court.
Still need to contact us?
Phone: 01908 268453
Post: Membership department, National Badminton Centre, Milton Keynes, MK8 9LA.