Find a Coach

At Badminton England, we are proud to support and have a vast network of qualified coaches that can offer coaching to help players learn, improve and master badminton skills whatever their playing experience or level.

If you are trying to find a badminton coach for private, group or club coaching sessions then the best person to contact is your local County Coaching Secretary.

They will have details of all the active coaches in your local area. Alternatively you can contact one of our Workforce Officers who may be able to help you find a local coach to meet your needs if the County Coaching Secretary cannot. Please click on the links below to access contact details for both of these.

If you are still struggling to find a coach then we can advertise that you are looking for a coach on our new Coach Accreditation Site - this means that the opportunity will be advertised to our entire coaching network.

If you wish to do this please download and complete the Coach Advertisement Request Form by clicking the link below and returning to

Points to note...

When employing the services of a badminton coach it is important that you always:

• Check that they are a Badminton England Registered Coach and they have insurance to coach by asking to see their Badminton England Coaching membership card – this card will show their photo, their qualification and expiry date of insurance.
• Ensure that they have the right level of qualification – they need a minimum of Level 2 if they are to coach independently
• Additionally, it is good practice to ask for a reference who you can contact regarding past coaching employment.