Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS)


The Sport England Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme [TASS] is a government funded initiative and offers indirect financial support in the form of strength & conditioning, sport science and various lifestyle advice to talented athletes’ involved in high performance sport whilst continuing their education.

The Scholarship Scheme, which can claim the likes of Rajiv Ouseph amongst its alumni, currently includes 10 badminton athletes. Athletes are nominated by their NGB in August every year and the TASS year then runs from 1 September to 31 August.

TASS Selection 2021-22

The following selection criteria relates to the selection of players by Badminton England for the 2021-22 TASS year.

TASS Selection Criteria_2021-22

Those players supported by TASS during 2021-22 are:

Lisa Curtin
Alex Green
Abbygael Harris
Harry Huang
Samuel Jones
Cholan Kayan
Nathan Moore
Tashvi Parab
Pamela Reyes
Gauri Shidhaye
Hope Warner

TASS Support

An athlete being nominated and accepted for a TASS Award allows the athlete the following support via a TASS Delivery Site (based mostly out of University Campus’);

  • A Core Services programme including strength & conditioning, lifestyle, physiotherapy and nutrition
  • Access to Medical Scheme
  • A personal award of £500 paid directly to the athlete based on engagement to TASS for use towards equipment, training and competition expenses

For further information on TASS, please visit the TASS website by clicking here.

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