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Following on from our commitment to inclusion, we have now launched our Inclusion Champions programme – to create role models amongst our community to champion, promote and advocate inclusion within their local community.

At Badminton England, we pledge to ensure everyone can access and enjoy our sport regardless of their gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, background or circumstances.

Having delivered our ‘Introduction to Becoming an Inclusion Champion Workshop’ on the 2nd June, participants were introduced to their new role.

Sharing the background of the concept of Inclusion Champions, they discussed what the role is and how they can support our Return to Play campaign.

Our aim for the role is simple – to be both a voice and role model for inclusion.

We aim to do this through making a lasting and sustainable difference within the community, raising awareness of inclusion, increasing engagement with partners as well as creating a welcoming environment within clubs / sessions.

If you would like to sign up and become an Inclusion Champion, make a pledge using #yourpledge and tell us how you will promote inclusion within your local community.

Sign up to become an Inclusion Champion here.

Further resources can be found in the inclusion hub here.


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