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7 March 2024

Hartlepool Badminton Club has seen their junior outreach programme flourish thanks to funding from Badminton England. 

The County Durham club previously struggled to attract youngsters to join and found it difficult to get access to schools as they faced competition from coaching companies.

But with the help of Badminton England funding, Hartlepool have been able to offer reduced prices on their coaching package for schools with four schools taking up the offer.

“From my perspective, and the clubs and schools, the sessions have been a huge success with six children coming to the club regularly,” Vicky Evans, one of Hartlepool’s coaches, said. “I’m certain that more will follow after the half-term.

‘Thank you so much to Badminton England for the funding. It has been an amazing opportunity for me and the club and I’m sure it will continue in all of the schools in the next academic year.

“The funding has worked really well as the schools have all asked us to work with an additional group of 30 children, as well as the original 30.

“This has meant that over the course of the programme, we will have provided high-quality coaching to over 240 children for 6 hours.

“In addition to this, the feedback from all of the sessions has been fantastic and we are certain that we have formed a lasting relationship with the schools.”

Evans has been impressed with the skill and aptitude that the players at various schools have shown, particularly in busy sessions.

She added: “It has been a challenge to utilise a small space, keep all of the children safe, with rackets swinging, whilst also challenging them to develop their badminton skills.

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“We have safely managed the space to include overhead hitting and rallying with the children.

“We have also been very fortunate that the schools we have been in have many talented children who show considerable badminton aptitude.”

The feedback from the schools involved highlighted Evans’ coaching as a key part of the enjoyment and usefulness of the sessions with Evans teaching pupils a variety of key skills to excel at badminton.

The schools also highlighted the importance of the reduced costs in allowing them to access the programme, highlighting how important Badminton England’s funding has been.

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