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2 February, 2024

Badminton England is pleased to present an exciting, bespoke, funded two-year Performance Coach Programme, designed to support the development of coaches working with players within the junior pathway network, which will start in April 2024.

The programme is designed to support the development of influential and up-and-coming leaders within coaching, ready to act as role models to inspire a generation of future athletes and coaches throughout the junior pathway network.

As an integral element of the Badminton and A Sport for Everyone strategy, Badminton England aims to develop a diverse and inclusive workforce capable of delivering.

The overall vision of the Performance Coach Programme is to provide a broader, high-quality coaching workforce with confidence, knowledge, credibility, and experience.

This will help coaches support and develop players with the required skills and capabilities to transition from junior to senior badminton and the demands of full-time training within the England and GB Programme.

The interactions, face-to-face and virtually, will be practical, reflective, and highly relevant, underpinned by expert research.

Morten Frost, Performance Director said, “I am delighted to be launching the Performance Coach Programme as part of our investment into supporting the development of coaching across our junior pathway.

“This programme will continue to develop stronger working relationships and engagement with coaches within our pathway and provide an excellent development opportunity for individuals with the potential to be future national coaches”.

Nikki Tarrant, Programme Manager added, “This Programme, delivered in collaboration between Coach Education and the Performance Team, aims to provide a range of bespoke and practical interactions that will support our Coaching Network in both on and off-court areas of the game, to help in the development of our next generation of players.

“It is also a great opportunity for a group of passionate and already experienced coaches to have meaningful discussions, to collaborate and be heavily involved in driving forward the development of the player pathway – we’re really excited to see it launch!”.

The specific aims of the programme are to:

  • Implement a process of Talent Identification to succession plan for the next generation of High-Performance coaches in England.
  • Provide identified coaches with access to innovative high-quality learning experiences, enhancing the level of coaching provided to players within the junior pathway network in the short term and preparing them to effectively support and develop world-class English players in the long term.
  • Lead and drive the development of junior talent via the Player Characteristic Model across the junior pathway network.
  • Develop coaches’ leadership skills related to player and programme management in a High-Performance environment.
  • Provide opportunities for supported individualised experiential learning journeys, aligned to the Player and Coach Characteristic Models.
  • Develop a network of coaches with stronger working relationships across the junior pathway network, influencing the system and its future development.

The two-year programme will involve interactions, face-to-face and virtually, will be practical, reflective and highly relevant, underpinned by expert research. For more information on the programme, including details on how to apply please click here.

The deadline for applications is Friday 1st March.

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