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NEW | England Performance Pathway

Launching 1 January 2018

Over the past 12 months we have been carefully considering how to establish integration between what is currently our England Junior Performance Programme and England Performance Programme.
As a result, and with effect from 1 January 2018, we will be launching a new England Performance Pathway aligned to our vision and purpose:
Win World, Olympic and Paralympic medals
To consistently produce athletes who have a winning mentality with the technical and physical capabilities to become world class.
The new England Performance Pathway will consist of four groups split into Discover, Engage, Excel and Perform.
As a guide, the current age group squads will be realigned to Discover, Engage and Excel.
The criteria for these are based on results at both International and Domestic competitions and are NOT age specific,
This is a significant change of approach from the previous England Junior Performance Programme.
Below provides the model for the new England Performance Pathway:
Performance Pathway


CLICK HERE to download detailed criteria for each of the Discover, Engage and Excel groups.

This criteria will be used at the forthcoming player reviews on the 19th December to review players currently on the England Junior Performance Programme and to consider any other player who has met the criteria. 

One of the key considerations when establishing these new criteria was to ensure clarity about what is required to be offered a place within the pathway.

The objective nature of the criteria will help to achieve this.

Players within the Pathway will be provided with opportunities of support shaped by their stage of development and the group they are placed within.
This will include:
1: Training Opportunities
2: International Competition opportunities
3: Access to Sports Science Sports Medicine 

When applying the criteria, the Reviewing Panel will, at their sole discretion, consider a number of additional factors to the criteria for the period being reviewed.

The list below is not exhaustive but provides examples of occasions where the Reviewing Panel may consider additional factors when determining the outcome of a review:

1.     Injury or illness to a player

2.     Strength and depth of the opposition in any stated competition

3.     Any unforeseen circumstance that adversely affects or over promotes a players performance level


A list of qualifying international junior tournaments can be found HERE

*Note: Following the launch these criteria will be subject to further refinement including identifying specific circuit competitions as stated within the criteria.
(Please note that the Discover group will be reviewed in May 2018)

CLICK HERE to download the Pathway Packages of potential support for Discover, Engage and Excel Groups

(Please note that the Discover group will be reviewed in May 2018)