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NEW | England Performance Pathway


The England Junior Pathway (EJP) criteria has been updated following the introduction of a new structure and approach put in place last year.
Pathway criteria will continue to be reviewed each year for the purposes of ensuring they remain relevant and continue to align to our Vision and Purpose:

VISION |  Win World, Olympic and Paralympic medals
PURPOSE | To consistently produce athletes who have a winning mentality with the technical and physical capabilities to become world class.

The England Performance Pathway, which includes the EJP, is a seamless integrated structure from initial identification through to competing for medals at the highest world level. Each of the 5 stages of the Pathway provide opportunities for players who meet criterion to train, compete and access the world class expertise based at the National Badminton Centre.

The table below show the structure and terminology used for each stage of the pathway and how it links together.


New from 1st January 2019
The England Junior Programme will consist of five progressive groups; Discover, Engage, Progress, Excel and England Performance Programme (also known as Perform) with Discover, Engage, Progress and Excel making up the England Junior Pathway (EJP).

Progress through the EJP is determined by results at a number of identified competitions, commitment by the player to their badminton development and progress against agreed goals (e.g. physical improvement, tactical awareness etc)

The current EJP criteria will be applied in the upcoming December 2019 review. The  updated criteria will come into effect at the Player Reviews undertaken in May and December 2020.  Players invited onto the EJP will receive an individualised programme of support which will be discussed and agreed with a Pathway Coach which will then be monitored throughout the year.

An individualised player programme will take into account the stage of development of a player and the group they are placed in. As a guide some or all of the following opportunities will be available to a player within the EJP:

  • Training Opportunities
  • International Competition opportunities
  • Access to Sports Science Sports Medicine (eg Strength & Conditioning)

Download the 2020 EJP packages of support for Discover, Engage, Progress and Excel Groups.


Review Date
May 2019 / December 2019
2019 EJP Criteria
May 2020 / December 2020
2020 EJP Criteria





Updated 2019 Identified Tournaments
Updated 2020 Identified Tournaments


When considering and applying the criteria, the Review Panel will, at their sole discretion, consider a number of additional factors for the period being reviewed.The list below is not exhaustive but provides examples of some additional factors the Review Panel will consider:

  • Injury or illness to a player
  • Strength and depth of the opposition in any stated competition
  • Any unforeseen circumstance that adversely affects or over promotes a player’s performance level