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Three badminton enthusiasts from Coventry have ensured there is still an outlet for the sport in the centre of their city through innovative use of Badminton England funding as part of the Commonwealth Games Legacy Fund.

Motivated by the closure of the historic Elephant sports centre in the West Midlands city, Kauser Husain, Lisa Tran and Junxin Chen initially kept sessions going at Coventry University.

But with court space at a premium and booking courts proving stressful, they were able to make use of Badminton England funding to block book courts at the Sidney Stringer Academy and ensure the tight-knit badminton community could remain active.

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“We wanted a central location as badminton is what links us together,” Husain said.

“It was also important to remain in the centre of the city for the transport links, as some of our players would have found it difficult to continue playing if we had moved to the outskirts.

“Beforehand, we were having to wake up at 7am in the morning to book courts at the uni and even then, a spot was not guaranteed.

“We asked Badminton England for support in block booking courts at the school and it has just taken the pressure off. It has made our sessions more sustainable and we remain a key part of the community.”

Around 16-20 people regularly attend the Monday evening sessions and Husain is hoping that number will soon swell, with the group also offering a valuable safe haven for players with autism and anxiety.

Children, couples and individuals new to badminton have also made use of the sessions in the city, which is less than 20 miles from where the Commonwealth Games took place two summers ago.

CWG Legacy Fund – Top Tips from Coventry

  • Ask questions from the funder/supporting body – knowledge is power and if you don’t ask you won’t get!
  • Keep it simple – have 3 goals you want to achieve and work on those. The rest is a bonus.
  • Think about accessibility – how easy are you making it for people to join your group?
  • Make sure it’s fun for you first and foremost. It will make the task a lot easier.
  • Know what your limits are and work within those.

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