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National Ranking Information

The ranking system runs over a rolling 12 month period and takes into account a players best 6 results to determine a National Ranking (best 3 results in the Masters Rankings).


  • Rankings are published on the last Friday of the month where tournaments have taken place.

  • Ranking points are earned by playing in sanctioned Badminton England tournaments, check the tournament terms and conditions to ensure they are awarded.
  • Players win point's according to how far they progress in the draw of a particular event. Doubles rankings are calculated on an individual basis. 
  • Points allocation will start with the winners and work through to first round losers.
  • Points won are dependent on the grade of the tournament. 
  • International tournaments will be included if they are part of the Badminton World Federation or Badminton Europe calendar's or selected tournaments that are supported badminton England Performance


Q. Why do my points not match my finishing position?
A. There are two common reasons why this may happen; 

1. If you received a bye in the previous round you will be awarded the points for the previous round. 
2. If you lose in the first round of a knock out or finish last in a group you will be awarded the points of finishing 513/1024 (except in Gold Star events).

Q. What happens to my points my match is a walkover?
A. If you are on the winning side of a walkover you will receive at least the points of the next round. If you concede the game giving the walkover you will either receive the points for the round you are in or no points if it is the first round.

Q. My results do not appear in the latest rankings?
A. The rankings will include all Badminton England tournaments where indicated in the entry terms.

Tournaments held after the last Friday of the month will be included in the following months publication.

If, in the process of checking the rankings above, you see data that is missing or incorrect, please send an email to with details of the required updates.