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Rules & Frequently Asked Questions


Q - What age groups can enter the competition?

There are four age categories:

KS3 Boys (Years 7, 8 & 9)
KS3 Girls (Years 7, 8 & 9)
KS4 Boys (Years 10 & 11)
KS4 Girls (Years 10 & 11)

Q - How is the competition structured?

Please check out our competition structure web-page here.

Q - How do I enter my school?

To enter a school team(s) to play in the competition, you will need a named contact for all arrangements. You can enter online here. Entry is £30 per team so you will need a payment card handy. Other than that, all you need to know is the number of teams you intend to enter. Players register themselves separately into the competition.

Q - Why do players need to register separately?

We would like this competition to be just the start of your players’ badminton experience. By registering, your players will become a member of Badminton England. All of your players taking part in the championships will receive free ‘first year’ membership** to Badminton England, unlocking exciting benefits to improve their game on and off court. This will open up opportunities to progress into our network of junior clubs and more competitive court time. Their membership will also grant them access to dress like a pro and learn from the best with discounts on the latest kit and major event tickets.

Q - When is the entry deadline?

The entry deadline is Friday 5th October. Following this date, no entries will be accepted.

Q - How much is the entry fee?

Entry is £30 per team. If you enter four teams or more, a discount will be applied, taking the total to £100 regardless of whether you are entering four teams or the maximum of 12 teams.

Q - Why is there an entry fee?

The National Schools Badminton Championships is no longer part of the School Games. As a result, we will be financing the competition to include the cost of delivering up to 49 county rounds, 9 regional rounds and a national final. A large proportion of entry fees will go towards paying organisers and coaches to deliver these rounds, along with further funds going towards shuttles, certificates, medals and the national finals.

Q - Why are some teams getting a bye to the County round?

If one of your school teams won the County round last season then that team (not the school) will receive a bye to the County round this season. This decision has come from feedback from schools suggesting that each year the same schools are winning the first round and they therefore have little motivation to enter the competition.

Q - How do I find out the information for the next round if my school progresses?

The organisers of the County and Regional rounds will send out the information to the email address you provide when entering the competition.

** Player names and email addresses required to be provided in order to be eligible. Players with existing Badminton England junior membership do not qualify for this free offer.