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Refining overhead backhand technique

Refining Overhead Backhand Technique

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Overall aims & focus:
To develop coaches understanding of the mechanics of overhead backhand hitting and apply to their own practical demonstration.
To develop strategies that enable coaches to improve overhead backhand hitting in their players.

Target audience:
Level 1 coaches (aiming towards Level 2) & Level 2 coaches

Learning Outcomes:
Understanding the overhead backhand hitting action (mechanics of rotation and momentum)
- Preparation (Grip/body position/racket position)
- Execution (timing/hitting point/momentum)
- Recovery (follow through/movement)

Key content linked to outcomes:

  • Understand the mechanics of the overhead backhand hitting action

- Rotation
- Momentum
- Impact

  • Demonstrate the application of the technical model of overhead backhand hitting

- Consistency
- Body position
- Racket carriage
- Timing
- Impact point
- Racket head speed
- Slice
- Body movement
- Follow through
- Movement
- Racket carriage
- Posture (body control)

  • Plan and deliver player centred practice to develop deception when hitting overhead

- Technical diagnosis
- Practice planning & development

Assessment method:
Attendance Only

Delivery method:
3 hour practical workshop


Non Coaching Register member - £40

Badminton England Coaching Register member - £30