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Informal learning opportunities

Informal Learning Opportunities

Here at Badminton England, we recognise that not all learning and development along a coach’s journey will come in the form of formal courses – in fact informal learning can be just as beneficial and is easily available to coaches.
Opportunities such as learning from or sharing of knowledge with others, attending major events, coaching at tournaments and reading resources can all provide excellent changes to learning and develop from as a coach.

What informal learning is recognised?

We acknowledge the importance of Informal learning and will be recognising and rewarding the following informal learning as part of the Coach Licence Scheme:
Coach Resource Review - There are so many useful coaching related resources and information available that can extend a coach’s knowledge and positively influence practice. A list of resources and videos available to review is available on our Coach Accreditation site.
Event Attendance – Allows coaches to gain an understanding of elite play which includes a visual representation of techniques & tactically strategies employed within it. Events recognised for points include the Yonex All England Championships, Senior English National Championships and National Badminton League (NBL) fixtures.
Mentoring Relationships – Coaches can learn a great deal from listening to and working with more experienced coaches and/or from passing on their knowledge to coaches who are less experienced.
Tournament Coaching – Can allow coaches to learn a lot about their players by observing them in competition whilst allowing coaches to develop their observation and analysis skills.

These four categories of informal learning are recognised by our Coach Licence Scheme with points towards the licence available for each (with a maximum of 2 points per category allowed to count towards becoming a licensed coach in a 12 month period).

How can you evidence this informal learning?

Reviewing and evaluating these CPD opportunities is essential, if coaches are to maximise learning from them. In order to guide, evidence and maximise coaches learning from these informal categories, we have developed templates for submission in order to gain licence points.

These suggested templates for the recording of the evidence required to access points in relation to our Coach Licence can be downloaded below. Coaches can submit their own evidence in a different format, but the submission would need to contain as a minimum the same level of information provided in these documents.

These templates or other evidence documents can be submitted via our Coach Accreditation site under the section in order to be reviewed for Coach Licence points.

If you have any questions on informal learning or the Coach Licence scheme please contact the Education & Training team on 01908 269400 or

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