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Medal CPD Programme

MEDAL Programme

What is the MEDAL Programme?
The Model for Elite player Development through Active Learning (MEDAL) was developed in response to coaches wanting to engage with continuous professional development to raise the standards of coaching in England so that we can more effectively develop our players within the sport.
It is well known that Coach Education courses alone will only provide coaches with a base level of skills and knowledge, so a wider structure is essential to support the wide range of coaches currently working with players in England.
The MEDAL programme is a constantly developing suite of opportunities that are aimed at all levels of coaches, working with all types of players consisting of practical workshops, e-learning modules and informal learning.
The underlying premise of the programme is that coaches can choose to engage with workshops and modules that support and complement the type of coaching that they are involved in. MEDAL aims to enable coaches to plot a personalised learning journey and improve their own coaching practice. This journey can be shown on our learners ‘tube map’ below:
CPD tube maps
What is the structure of the MEDAL Programme?
The MEDAL programme is broadly structured into 3 levels, to help define the complexity of the modules and enable coaches to select modules appropriate to them.
The BRONZE level is aimed at new and inexperienced coaches or as a refresher for coaches who have not completed any updating for a while. The focus will be on practical hitting skills and basic technical and tactical knowledge.
The SILVER level is aimed at Level 2 coaches or Level 1 coaches aspiring to Level 2 and will focus on more specific areas of coaching; extending the technical and tactical elements they may have covered in their coach education courses.
The GOLD level is aimed at more experienced Level 2 coaches, Level 3 coaches working with performance players. The focus will be on the higher level technical and tactical skills, as well as underpinning science modules.
What does the MEDAL Programme consist of?
In order to develop relevant, comprehensive provision, areas for workshop and module development were identified following a consultation with members of our Coaching Register, the National Coaching team, our tutors and our Education and Training team.
Following this consultation process, a priority list of workshops and modules for development has been created. These are a mix of e-learning modules and practical workshops in an attempt to make the programme as accessible to coaches as possible.
Practical Workshop
Our practical workshops are part of the MEDAL Programme are 3 hours long and worth 4 points towards our Coach Licensing Scheme. The first round of modules have been developed, so please click the links below for more information on each module, cost & a course list to see if there is a module near you that relates to your coaching. There is a planned programme of new module development over the next 2 years, so it is advisable to regularly check the website and the Coach Accreditation site for more details as new modules will come on stream on a regular basis. 
How do I book onto a MEDAL practical workshop?
To search for local practical workshops and book a place on them please click here

E-Learning Module

In the quest for a holistic coach education system, we are also developing e-learning for coach education as part of the MEDAL Programme, allowing coaches opportunities to further their knowledge and understanding of areas of coaching related to their own practice. The strength of this approach is that coaches can complete this learning activity in the comfort of their own home at a time that is convenient to them. The learning activities have been designed to be visually engaging and completed in short bite-sized chunks to make them achievable and useful for coaches with the topics largely theoretical areas that should support and inform the practical coaching delivery.
The e-learning modules form an integral part of the Coach Licence scheme, with coaches being able to earn 1 point towards their licence on successful completion of the modules. For more information on e-learning modules please click here
Informal Learning: We recognise that not all learning and development along a coach’s journey will come in the form of formal courses – in fact informal learning can be just as beneficial and is easily available to coaches. For more information on Informal Learning and how the Coach License scheme recognises it please click here