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Approved Smash Up! Activator

What is SmashUp!?

What is SmashUp!? 
SmashUp! is a youth participation initiative offering innovative badminton games to music for young people in schools and leisure facilities. SmashUp! brings big hitting badminton challenges to young people and their mates enabling them to play the way they want to play! No coaches, no rules, and no PE kit. Turn up, tune in, hit it hard – with the court as a social hub.
What is a SmashUp! Activator?
With the aim of SmashUp! being to offer innovative badminton games to music for young people in schools and leisure facilities, there is no need to involve any coaching. Instead the programme is run by SmashUp! Activators whose role is to:
• Facilitate fun and high energy sessions that are safe throughout
• Ensure sessions are participant-led 
• Use SmashUp! to engage and inspire young people to pick up a racket and keep coming back week after week
Who can be a SmashUp! Activator?
There is no coaching pre-requisite to become a SmashUp! Activator with the emphasis on the softer personal skills. If you are a motivated individual who is engaging and inspiring, innovative, organised and passionate about encouraging more young people to pick up a racket, please contact us for more information on this opportunity.
How do I become a SmashUp! Activator?
You can apply to become a SmashUp! Activator by completing our application form. This will assess your skills set against the competencies required to undertake the role. This will be assessed and if deemed suitable you will be allocated one of our two training options in order to up-skill you to become an Activator. The training options are either completing our e-learning training module or attending our four hour activator training workshop which has been developed with StreetGames. Please contact to request an application form and competency profile.
What are the benefits of becoming a SmashUp! Activator?
Benefits include getting experience in organising group activities, facilitating sessions and interacting and engaging with young people, to make sure participants are getting the most out of the session. It is also an opportunity to improve on your self-confidence, interpersonal and communication skills.
What local opportunities are there for you to become a SmashUp! Activator?
With over 1,500 sites across England signed up to deliver SmashUp! there are plenty of opportunities to join our ever growing SmashUp! Activator workforce to inspire young people to pick up a racket.
For more information on local opportunities to get involved contact