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1st 4sport Certificate for Coaches in Badminton at Level 2

Our new Coach course provides the opportunity to train to coach independently through a bespoke learning journey, tailored to coaches’ own environments. Formed of a core module and a specialism module where coaches get to choose whether to apply the knowledge and skills learnt to a ‘club’ or ‘talent’ environment, this course allows coaches to focus on their learning needs. This course will teach learners to:

  • Coach individuals, pairs and groups independently
  • Plan, deliver and progress technical practices with a tactical focus
  • Provide technical information building on the fundamental hitting and movement principles covered at foundation level
  • Maximise the participant experience
  • Effectively lead the development of clubs/ sessions
  • Effectively utilise a coaching team (where present)
  • Deliver Badminton England programmes such as:
    • Essentials
    • The Racket Pack
  • Understand the badminton landscape


How long does it take to complete?

The course is five days in total, usually completed over a 2-3 month period. This is formed of:

  • Core Module – Two days
  • Specialism Module (Club or Talent) – Two days
  • Assessment Day – One day

What is the course structure?

 Each coach attending this course will be required to complete the core module followed by a specialism module selected by them. The core module is structured as follows:

Day one:

  • Arrival and setting the scene
  • My coaching philosophy
  • My coaching kit bag
  • Movement principles and the stroke cycle
  • Grips
  • Hitting skills

Day two:

  • Experiencing Badminton England programmes
  • Designing coaching programmes and sessions
  • Designing coaching programmes for singles
  • Structuring, managing and delivering coaching sessions
  • Designing coaching programmes for doubles
  • The badminton landscape

What does the club specialism module focus on and involve?

The club specialism module focuses on supporting coaches that are working in environments where they are ‘coaching participants to play’. If you are working in an environment consisting of large groups, varying abilities (including absolute beginners), school environments, or are looking to make coaching sessions fun and engaging then this module will be ideal for you.

The topics and structure of this module includes:

  • Lead coach roles and responsibilities
  • Large group management and coaching
  • Coaching absolute beginners
  • Technical coaching for beginners
  • Differentiation within groups
  • Understanding and delivering within the school environment
  • Running competitions and games
  • Common technical faults in adult beginners

What does the talent specialism module focus on and involve?

The talent specialism module focuses on supporting coaches that are working in environments where they are ‘coaching participants to compete’. If you are working in an environment focusing on coaching specific disciplines, preparing them for tournaments or competitions, or coaching advanced hitting and movement skills then this module will be ideal for you.

The topics and structure of this module includes:

  • Singles-specific movement
  • Doubles-specific movement
  • Singles-specific hitting skills
  • Doubles-specific hitting skills
  • Tactical themes in the modem game

Can I coach in my chosen environment only?

The specialism modules are designed to allow coaches to apply the knowledge and skills from the core module to that environment. This will not restrict coaches to working in this environment only, instead it allows coaches to apply the knowledge and skills of a coach to an environment they believe they will operate within most.

Anyone attending this course has the option to attend both specialism modules should they wish.

Is there any work required to be completed away from the course?

The course is supported by two e-learning modules required to be completed prior to the course, these being:

  • Coaching skills for coaches
  • Business skills for coaches

These take approx. 1 hour to complete. Alongside these coaches are required to deliver two coaching programmes away from the course.

It is also mandatory for coaches to attend a recognised safeguarding workshop prior to being certificated.

What is the assessment process?

The assessment for this course is the completion of an e-portfolio, comprising an e-assessment module, planning, delivering and reviewing coaching programmes and the delivery of a coaching session.

Are there any course pre-requisites?

Learners are required to be 18 years of age on the first day of the course and hold a UKCC Level 1 or Foundation Award in Coaching Badminton.

How much does the course cost?

Badminton England Coach Member - £390

Badminton England member - £400

Non-Badminton England member - £420

Does the course include free Badminton England Coach Membership?

By attending this course, you will be eligible to a year’s free Coach Membership. This will require a DBS check to be completed through Badminton England, which is also free to volunteer coaches attending this course.

We encourage all coaches to become Badminton England Coach Members, this offers coaches:

  • Specialist insurance cover that gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on coaching
  • Discounts of future coaching courses, CPD workshops or equipment
  • Access to Badminton England’s Community Hub for Coaches, full of free resources, videos, session plans and CPD opportunities
  • Increased profile through featuring on our coach finder tool

For more information on these benefits as well as a host of other benefits Coach Members can access please click here.

How do you find a course & book on?

 Please click here to search dates and book onto a course local to you.

Require more information?

Please contact the Education & Training team on 01908 268400 or