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The countdown to the 2024 Olympics begins in earnest as we celebrate one year to go until the Games in Paris.

The pinnacle of the sport of badminton, action will run from 27 July to 5 August 2024 at the newly-built Arena Porte de la Chapelle in the French capital.

“This is why we train, this is why we do everything we do,” said Morten Frost, Performance Director of GB Badminton and Badminton England. “To have the possibility to compete at the Olympics.”

The Olympic qualification window opened on May 1 2023 and will close on April 28 2024.  

The world’s best players are already amassing ranking points with 38 spots available in the singles draws and space for 16 pairings in the three traditional doubles disciplines.

The target for Team GB in badminton, shared with UK Sport, will be to secure a quarter-final finish or a medal.

“We are always shooting for the stars in terms of qualifying as many athletes as we can and performing as well as we can,” said Frost.

“Our best contenders are Ben Lane and Sean Vendy in men’s doubles. They have beaten Olympic champions, world champions and world No.1s on a consistent basis.

“We have pairs in the women’s doubles and mixed doubles that are very experienced, with Chloe Birch and Lauren Smith and then Lauren and Marcus (Ellis).

“The mixed doubles is having fierce competition from Greg Mairs and Jenny Moore.

“We have three good Scottish pairs, Alex Dunn and Adam Hall in men’s doubles, Julie MacPherson and Ciara Torrance in women’s doubles and then Adam and Julie in the mixed doubles.

“They’re all competing for the same spots and we can’t forget Kirsty Gilmour in women’s singles.

“When you look at that, I think it is a very healthy and good situation. It means everyone has to be on their marks and trying their best.

“We have a very healthy rivalry and competition for selection, so the more, the merrier.”

Key staging posts on the road to Paris include the World Championships in Copenhagen in August and the 2024 YONEX All England, the last Super 1000 event in the Olympic qualification window.

We will celebrate one year to go until the Paralympics on 28 August.

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