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At Badminton England we strongly believe that everyone should be able to access and enjoy our sport regardless of their gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, background or circumstances. We are committed to embedding inclusive practice across badminton and passionate that we are stronger together when trying to achieve this aim. 

Covid-19 has undoubtedly affected us all however, recently published Sport England research has found that disabled people, people with long-term health conditions and people from Black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups have been disproportionately impacted.  

So, we believe now is the time to come together as a sport – through learning, understanding and practice – to demonstrate our desire to be a sport for all. We commit to improving our understanding of experiences and removing barriers to play, because we know that we are a community that is stronger together. We want to recognise and support those who share our commitment through our Inclusion Champions programme and we want to shout about all the work that is being done to make a sport one for all. Let us know about your achievements and successes here.

We welcome and encourage the badminton community to get involved to join our commitment on this journey. Complete our Diversity & Inclusion survey to share your experiences of badminton, the barriers you face and how we can improve our services and policy to improve this. We have also launched the Badminton England Inclusion Hub, a large resource for you to use to improve your knowledge and delivery, which covers several areas of inclusion and diversity. Finally, we encourage you to share your successes and stories with us using the hashtag #StrongerTogether. 

Equality & diversity

Badminton England is proud of its commitment to equality and diversity and we are confident that we can demonstrate this commitment in terms of our playing, administration and support for our counties, clubs and individual members.

The 2010 Equality Act introduces the nine protected characteristics. Please click on each for an overview of the characteristics and information on how Badminton England are supporting delivery across each of these areas.  Badminton England recognises that there is more to be done to diversify our workforce, and strongly encourages and welcomes applications for vacancies from female candidates, diverse ethnic communities, LGBTQ+ community or those who have a disability, where there is currently under-representation on the Board.

The following documents and web links should help our members and partners understand our work in this area and provide useful information to enable us all to work together to continue to promote a sport that is open and inclusive. We also encourage our badminton community to complete our national survey about our diverse and inclusive practices, particularly if you belong to a community protected under the 9 characteristics listed in the Equality Act (2010) – we want to ensure we improve our sport for all of these communities.

General Equality & Diversity information for Badminton England can be found here:

Equality & Diversity Policy

Badminton England is committed to the inclusion agenda and to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment for everyone to play and enjoy badminton. We accept our responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all adults involved in badminton. For our safeguarding adults policy* please click here.

*Note – also referred to as vulnerable adults / adults at risk


Women make up 51% of the general population of England but unfortunately this statistic is not currently reflected in the volunteering, playing or coaching membership of Badminton England.

According to recent insight, only 14% of girls aged 5-16 achieved recommended levels of physical activity (Sport England Active Lives, 2018) and 26% of women are doing less than 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity per week (Sport England Active Lives, 2019), with 42% of women not active enough for good health (Public Health England, 2019)1. We are a sport that is inclusive, and we have a service level agreement and action plan working with Women in Sport to increase the numbers of women at all levels of the game in England.

Badminton England currently meets the requirement set by Sport England for 30% percent of the board members in service to be female, and we’re proud to celebrate these board members as examples of great leadership and strength to our sport. These members have a multitude of experience, and some have been involved in badminton for many years, and work hard to ensure the continued success of badminton in their respective fields.

The following links provide information on areas that are being increasingly targeted to women and girls:

No Strings Badminton

Please find the latest fact sheet on women’s participation in badminton for the latest Active People survey here.


The growth of Disability Badminton is paramount for Badminton England with Para-Badminton having its debut showcase in Tokyo at the 2020 Paralympic Games.

Our Disability Action Plan sets out to build on our current provision with a focus on increasing the number of disabled people playing badminton. Our vision is to further develop disability provision through creating capacity and building demand on a region by region basis and embedding inclusive practice throughout the sport to support the growth of disability badminton.

To present badminton as an inclusive sport for all, we’re supporting our existing club structure to develop strong, sustainable environments that cater effectively for disabled players, whilst also identifying new opportunities to introduce disability badminton provision in to.

Our improved coach development programme, via delivery of the Disability CPD Workshop, is supplemented by the ongoing development of grass roots festivals, appropriate competition and a performance pathway.

Badminton England is proud to have been one of the first sports in England with a transgender policy in place and we remain committed to the inclusion of transgender people at all levels of our sport, whether playing, officiating, volunteering, coaching or spectating.

We are aware of and are considering the new guidance document from the Sports Councils Equality Group (SCEG).

We will reflect on the document and attend supporting workshops, discussion and education sessions to ensure that we are reviewing our current policy in the best interests of all those who play and enjoy badminton. We will consult the badminton community on the draft policy once it has been formulated.

In the meantime, you should refer to our current Transgender Policy and if you have any other queries, please contact us via inclusion@badmintonengland.co.uk

You can find further guidance on welcoming transgender people here.

The Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) was funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government to develop an e-learning resource for use by organisations in the public and private sectors. This course starts with an introduction and a menu screen and there are 3 different modules:

  • Module 1 is a general introduction to gender variance, for example explaining basic terminology
  • Module 2 covers how to create trans-inclusive workplaces and specific guidance on how to support an employee who transitions at work
  • Module 3 covers how to provide trans-inclusive services to the general public, and this includes leisure centre and sport examples

Transgender Awareness for Employers and Service Providers: https://www.gires.org.uk/e-learning/transgender-awareness-for-employers-service-providers/

Further help and advice is available by contacting us via inclusion@badmintonengland.co.uk

Sexual orientation

Access to badminton should be available to everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation. We are aware that those who identify as LGBTQ+ experience high levels of discrimination within sport, with 4 in 10 feeling that sport is not welcoming according to Stonewall UK. We wish want to ensure that badminton is a sport that does not tolerate discrimination or prejudice of any kind.

Knowing little about current participation in badminton amongst the LGBTQ+ community, we are currently in the process of gathering more information about current engagement with the sport and the barriers that exist, in order to be able to work proactively moving forward to remove these barriers and promote inclusivity.

We wish to work with our current LGBTQ+ clubs and the wider community to continue to promote a positive and inclusive image of badminton amongst participants, coaches, supporters, volunteers and more whilst also working to ensure that everyone is able to progress within their chosen area of participation in the sport. To support this we have developed an Inclusion Hub to help clubs to ensure that badminton remains a sport for all.

Diverse Ethnic Communities 

An individual’s ethnicity should never be a barrier to their enjoyment or participation in badminton.  We know from the latest Active Lives Adult survey that South Asian, Black and those with other ethnic origins are the least likely to participate in sport. As such we want to ensure that opportunities exist for those from all ethnic backgrounds to participate in badminton at whatever level, whether that be through playing, coaching or volunteering.

To this aim, are working to further understand current access to badminton and how this can be improved, through identifying any barriers that exist to participation and seeking to remove these. We want to better understand the diversity of our playing, coaching and volunteering community and ensure that opportunities exist for all to progress within the sport in whichever way they choose.

Badminton is a sport with a long tradition of participation in Asian countries therefore it is no surprise that we have a higher than average participation rate amongst people from diverse ethnic communities in England, and subsequently higher than average coaches from this demographic.

We know we cannot be complacent about this though and we are working to further understand the information we hold on our coaches to see if there are areas we can improve on in order to increase the number of coaches from a diverse ethnic community coming through the coaching system. www.sportingequals.org.uk

Additional Characteristics


An individual’s religion should not be a barrier to participating in badminton, and although we do not understand enough about the religious make up of people who play badminton, Badminton England ensures all of its policies are in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 and our Equality & Diversity Policy. We will also work to ensure no one is discriminated against on the basis of their religion.

Marital Status

A person’s marital status should not have any bearing on their ability to access badminton. Our policies are in accordance with the Equality Act, and we will continue to work to ensure no one is discriminated against on the basis of their marital status.

Pregnancy or Maternity Status

While we encourage anybody who is pregnant to take care when playing badminton, and follow their GPs advice on whether they should play, there is no  reason why those who have a maternity status should not be able to participate in badminton. Our policies are in accordance with the Equality Act, and we will continue to work to ensure no one is discriminated against on the basis of their pregnancy or maternity status.


Badminton is a sport for all, regardless of the age of the participant. We currently have over 12,00 (19/20 season) junior members and over 26,000 (19/20 season) senior members enjoying regular badminton, and Badminton England will continue to ensure participants of all ages can continue to access badminton. All of our policies are in accordance with the Equality Act, and we will continue to work to ensure no one is discriminated against on the basis of their age.

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