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Equality & Diversity


Badminton England is committed to the inclusion agenda and to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment for everyone to play and enjoy badminton.

Equality & Diversity

Badminton England is proud of its commitment to equality and diversity and we are confident that we can demonstrate this commitment in terms of our playing, administration and support for our counties, clubs and individual members. Our Board Champion for Equality is Eric Brown. 

The following documents and web links should help our members and partners understand our work in this area and provide useful information to enable us all to work together to continue to promote a sport that is open and inclusive.

General Equality & Diversity information for Badminton England can be found here:

Equality & Diversity Policy

Badminton England is committed to the inclusion agenda and to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment for everyone to play and enjoy badminton. We accept our responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all adults involved in badminton. For our safeguarding adults policy* please click here. 

*Note – also referred to as vulnerable adults / adults at risk

The 2010 Equality Act introduces the nine protected characteristics. These are listed broadly below, where appropriate please click on each for an overview of the characteristics and information on what Badminton England is doing to support each of these areas. 


We are proud of our commitment to providing events for people of all ages. Our development programmes related specifically to young people include:


The Badminton Young Officials Award 


Women make up 51% of the general population of England but unfortunately this statistic is not currently reflected in the volunteering, playing or coaching membership of Badminton England. However we are a sport that is inclusive and we have a service level agreement and action plan working with Women in Sport to increase the numbers of women at all levels of the game in England.

The following links provide information on areas that are being increasingly targeted to women and girls:

No Strings Badminton
Essentials by No Strings Badminton

Please find the latest fact sheet on women’s participation in badminton for the latest Active People survey here.


This is an area that we have always been strong in – click here to go to a page on all areas of the disabled game, from events and coaching courses to funding available for inclusive clubs. We also have a disability strategy. The latest Active People survey confirms that disabled participation in badminton is still growing.


Badminton England was one of the first sports to have a communicated Transgender Policy - please click here to view. This policy was recently amended to reflect changes in legislation and is consistent with best practice from across the sector. Members may be aware of some negativity around transgender participation from a women’s movement who are campaigning regarding the rights of women to be able to compete fairly against those who may have transitioned. They also state safeguarding concerns in respect of transgender legislation. Please be assured that Badminton England is aware of all legislation currently in place and will make decisions moving forward in the best interests of both young people within our sport and transgender players.

Gendered Intelligence have produced a number of documents to support the inclusion of transgender people across all areas of public life, we would encourage all our clubs and associations to follow these top tips:

The Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) was funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government to develop an e-learning resource for use by organisations in the public and private sectors.

This course starts with an introduction and a menu screen and there are 3 different modules:

• Module 1 is a general introduction to gender variance, for example explaining basic terminology
• Module 2 covers how to create trans-inclusive workplaces and specific guidance on how to support an employee who transitions at work
• Module 3 covers how to provide trans-inclusive services to the general public and this includes leisure centre and sport examples.

Transgender Awareness for Employers and Service Providers:

Further help and advice is available from the Ethics and Compliance Manager who can be contacted on 01908 268430.

Gender / sexual orientation

This is a group that we have not focussed on as a governing body and perhaps is an area in which we could do more. We know that more lesbian women and gay men play sport than the general population as a whole and we have no reason to believe that badminton is any different in respect of these general sport statistics. We also know that gay people experience more discrimination in sport than any other group and we are keen to ensure that badminton is not a sport that tolerates discrimination or prejudice of any kind.

For further information:

Black and Minority Ethnic Participation (BME) & religion

Badminton is a sport with a long tradition of participation in Asian countries therefore it is no surprise that we have a higher than average participation rate amongst people from BME communities in England, and subsequently higher than average coaches from this demographic.

We know we cannot be complacent about this though and we are working to further understand the information we hold on our coaches to see if there are areas we can improve on in order to increase the number of coaches from a BME background coming through the coaching system.

Other Protected Characteristics

We have grouped the rest of the protected characteristics together.

They are -
marital / civil partnership status and pregnancy and maternity.

We ensure that we are legally compliant in all our HR Policies and we are currently working through a system of impact assessment – we are screening all our documents and policies / procedures to see how they affect people who may fall into any of the groups of protected characteristics. We will communicate our findings on this page shortly.