Duty of Care

At Badminton England, we believe Our People have the right to be treated with care, respect and dignity. Duty of care is an integral part of everything we do as an organisation – it is part of our culture, vision, values and everyday lives. Badminton England will demonstrate its responsibility to take reasonable care for the well-being and health and safety of its people.

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We will

  • Listen to our People

  • Comply with our statutory health and safety responsibilities

  • Seek expert advice and identify good practice in the education and induction of players, parents and coaches who are part of our environment

  • Seek to support players who are transitioning into and through our pathway and performance programme and those who, for whatever reason, will exit

  • Seek to maintain, and promote, best practice in safeguarding policy and behaviour

  • Seek to protect our people from bullying and intimidation

  • Adopt a position of zero tolerance to all forms of discrimination

  • Commit to respecting equality and diversity across our people

  • Provide training and support for our people in respect of mental health paying particular attention to signs and indicators of those who may be in need of help

  • Seek to ensure a culture of regular, honest communication with those closely associated with our pathway and performance programme i.e. players, parents, coaches and ensure transparency in decision making is common practice

Definitions – Our people

  • Those who hold positions at the top of Badminton England’s governance structure – the President, the Board of Directors and members of Badminton England’s Advisory Boards and Standing Committees
  • those who are technical officials at tournaments and events sanctioned by Badminton England – line judges, umpires and referees
  • those who are organisers of tournaments and events sanctioned by Badminton England

Defined as those who hold employed positions at Badminton England, whether that be full time, part time or fixed term contracts. For the avoidance of doubt, this does not include third party contractors or consultants.

Defined as those coaches who hold employed positions at Badminton England, whether that be full time, part time or contracted positions across the junior and senior performance programmes. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes those coaches who may be contracted to travel with squads on an ad hoc basis, from time to time.

Defined as those players who are selected for the England Junior and Senior Performance Programme. For the avoidance of doubt, the commitment to Duty of Care extends to players for a further period of five years from the date they leave the Senior England Performance Programme

Definition – Themes

To ensure that those we are accountable for within the Badminton England environment embrace our culture, values and Duty of Care philosophy through a clearly defined and supportive induction process. This induction process is not a singular event but embraces a way of being that is an integral part of the start of a person’s journey in to and through our organisation

Ensuring a culture and environment that support mental wellbeing and demonstrates that we care about our People. The promotion of the mental wellbeing for our people, understanding and tackling the causes of work related mental health problems and support to our people who are experiencing mental health problems.

Support the smooth transition and management of our people who leave the Badminton England environment to include acting, where reasonably applicable, on reasons for leaving and use that learning to build a more robust future for those still within it. In respect of players, Badminton England will seek to provide appropriate support to senior programme players for a period not exceeding five years from their date of exiting the programme.

Ensuring that our people are supported through periods of change at any point in their life or career. Knowing that change can potentially bring with it uncertainty and instability we focus on supporting the person and their individual needs to enable them to effectively transition on to, through and beyond the organisation.

Learning, development and personal growth is an integral part of supporting the needs of the individual. We work to ensure that our people has clearly defined learning and development objectives across the organisation to ensure they have the education, knowledge and skills to thrive in the Badminton England environment and beyond.

Safeguarding is the action that is taken to promote the welfare of both children and adults within our sport and protect them from harm. We focus on ensuring there are appropriate policies and procedures in place to protect our people from abuse and maltreatment and to take appropriate action where there is a concern about someone.

Equality is about treating our people fairly and with respect, not necessarily treating everyone the same. We recognise that everyone’s differences must be both understood and celebrated and that we may need to take extra steps to ensure that our sport is as diverse, inclusive and welcoming as it can be.

Our people have the right be heard and to be listened to. We will create an environment and culture where people feel they have a voice to; share best practise, celebrate success, be open and honest about their feelings and emotions and raise any challenges or concerns

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