We have announced further details today of the Covid19 Hardship Fund which is designed to help affiliated clubs and registered coaches restart activity after the enforced shutdown. Having contacted all of our clubs and coaches over the last couple of months, we know that many are facing hardship challenges and the fund is aimed at those most in need and in danger of not being able to restart play.  

The criteria are listed below and the online application process will open from August 10th 

The fund will prioritize those experiencing short term financial hardship and who have genuine concerns with being able to make sessions financially viable or facing the potential ceasing of operations.  

Criteria for applications 

  • Open to affiliated clubs and registered coaches who can demonstrate clear financial hardship in relation to restarting of play 
  • Applicants will need to highlight the specific challenges being faced in relation to the restart of play and be able to evidence the impact from not receiving funding 
  • Priority will be given to sessions (club/coach) at risk of folding or ceasing 
  • The fund is open to all affiliated clubs & registered coaches to apply with priority given to those who work with one or more of the following: 
    • Juniors 
    • Disabled people 
    • Coached activity 
  • Commitment to reaffiliation/registering and previous history of affiliation & engagement with Badminton England will be taken into account 
  • Applicants must agree to completing a case study demonstrating the impact of the funding 

Application process 

  • Applications open on 10th August for a limited period 
  • The fund is limited and will be closed once applications meet budget allocated  
  • Funding will be provided in one installment 

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