A helping hand in Notts

We understand it has not been easy for clubs to get back onto courts since the coronavirus pandemic took hold.  

It has been the one key focus area of ours – we are absolutely committed to getting as many people back playing our sport, as quickly and as safely as possible.  

Clubs up and down the country are experiencing the same issues – significant financial worries, logistical issues with venues as well as maintaining confidence in their membership base.  

One county, Nottinghamshire, decided to go one step further by supporting their clubs with some of the upfront costs.  

In trying to find a modest way of demonstrating that the association understood the difficulty that it’s clubs were facing, whilst also looking to support the sport and Badminton Englandthe committee explored the idea of supporting the club affiliation fees for the 2020/21 season.  

Through constant communication with the membership team at Badminton England, the idea became reality. 


After initial contact was made by Paul Adcock from Nottinghamshire CBA, membership helped to ensure the process for the CBA was as painless as possible by supporting with the admin processes.  

What may have been a time-consuming task was completely painless for Nottinghamshire and its volunteers due to the support offered by Badminton England.  

Clubs certainly do not expect such support from their CBA but are extremely grateful. The financial help will enable them to transition back to play without having to ask members for money before they are able to return to the courts.  

Several of the clubs in the league have been in touch with the committee to express their delight at the support and across the board the initiative has been well received. 

As well as the membership support, Nottinghamshire have also held zoom calls with clubs to ensure they understand the picture across the county as we return to play.  

They have also been keen to support the full-time coaches that do such vital work for the organisation, running club and performance centre sessions and promoting the sport in local schools.  

Throughout the pandemic, Nottinghamshire’s primary objective has been to make sure that clubs know they as an organisation are there to help and support them 

Their central priority moving forward is ensuring that clubs and groups understand the rules to returning to play and that they follow this guidanceAlongside the facility support provided by Badminton England and liaising with clubs directly, they hope to get as many people as possible back on court playing badminton in a safe and secure environment.  

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