The Beginner's Guide to Badminton

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Badminton is a racket sport played on a rectangular court. Courts can be found in schools, universities, leisure centres, badminton and mixed sports clubs.

What equipment do I need? 

For a beginner, badminton is a relatively low cost sport to start playing.


Shorts, T shirt or sports shirt and a warm top are all you need. If you have a tracksuit then that is also useful but not absolutely necessary.


Sports socks and comfortable badminton shoes or trainers with a good sole to obtain a grip on the floor are important. Black soles to the shoes are not allowed.


These are made of various lightweight materials. Thye come in many different makes and prices but If you are just starting the game you do not need to buy the most expensive racket. However, steer clear of really cheap rackets (under £10). Buy a racket that suits you.
The key elements are that the racket feels appropriately balanced for you, has the correct level of flexibility and is strong enough for the string tension that you require. 
Try to go to a specialist racket shop and ask about their different characteristics. Pick up as many as possible to see if they feel right and ask if you can borrow a demonstration model. You could also borrow your friends’ rackets to see how they perform.


These are plastic or feathered. If you are just starting, plastic shuttles are ideal and cheaper. They come in three speeds - fast, medium and slow. Buy medium speed to start with until you know more about the game. At the highest levels of the game the shuttle can be hit to speeds in excess of 150 miles per hour and may be changed after single points.

Where can I play?

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Local Authority Education Department:
Ask for details of evening classes at a Centre for Adult or Further Education and check if the tutor is a Registered Badminton Coach. Enrol for a class at which you will receive some basic instruction and be shown how to play the game.

Local Sports Centre:
Book a court, go along with a friend and have a go.

What are the rules?

Please click here to visit the Laws of Badminton
as adopted at the BWF Annual General Meeting
on 15th May 2010