What is Clubmark and the Benefits


Clubmark is a cross-sport quality accreditation for junior clubs or clubs with junior sections. Premier Club is BADMINTON England's Clubmark standard. The ethos and principles of Clubmark should automatically apply to all levels of our accredited clubs involved with young people. 

It is vital that our clubs serve young people well. Badminton clubs that work with children and young people need and deserve support to improve the quality of work they do so that together we can:

  • Ensure the well-being of young people whilst in the care of adults, other than their legal parent(s)/carer(s) Link to Clubmark website
  • Enthuse young people to enjoy sport and active recreation to build a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Enable young people to use their leisure time creatively
  • Allow young people to optimise their talents and personal ability
  • Identify and support the development of the most talented young people

Clubmark Licence

As a National Governing Body, BADMINTON England awards Clubmark to proven high quality clubs.  The national scheme has been in place since 2002 and badminton is one of many sports which can award Clubmark.

All organisations involved in accrediting clubs with Clubmark are subject to a licensing process.  The licence has been established to ensure the consistency of the accreditation systems and standards put in place.  This licence is renewed every two years to ensure that minimum operating standards agreed are met and best practice in quality standards is reflected.

BADMINTON England is licensed to accredit Clubmark until July 2015.

The licence agreement with Sport England (Clubmark) acknowledges that BADMINTON England has successfully evidenced a documented accreditation process that:

  • Demonstrates consistency and fairness in assessment
  • Provides sufficient human and learning resources to support the achievement of the accreditation
  • Brings strategic benefits to badminton and identified benefits to clubs
  • Is open to all affiliated clubs and actively promoted

The Benefits Package

Clubs awarded Premier 'Clubmark' status have seen many tangible benefits such as:

Benefits package: A tangible suite of benefits dedicated to rewarding clubs which have achieved Clubmark accreditation. Click here to download details of The Benefits Package

Club development: The foundation for any club is its youth structure. By encouraging and attracting young members, it is building a strong future.

Increased membership: Addressing issues like equity and child protection gives parents confidence when choosing a club for their children.

Developing coaches and volunteers: As part of Clubmark, clubs receive help in developing the skills of those involved in their organisation.

Raised profile: Once Clubmark accredited, clubs will be listed on the BADMINTON England website and the Clubmark national database to help them attract new members and grow.


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