Badminton Young Officials Award

The Badminton Young Official Award (YOA) is aimed at young people aged 14-19.  The 4 hour course is a combination of practical and theory sessions designed to equip the Young Official with the necessary skills and a qualification that will allow them to officiate at badminton events.

Young Officials Award

Course Content:
     - The Laws of Badminton
     - Scoring and Umpiring
 Service Judging
     - Line Judging
     - Match Control 
     - Health & Safety

The YOA is delivered by trained BADMINTON England Tutors.  Each candidate will receive a resource pack including a Young Officials Student CD ROM.Following the course candidates will be supported to gain experience as an official.  Once they have done this they will receive a Certificate of Completion

Following the completion of this Award the Young Official will be directed towards officiating at badminton competition, starting with low level events, and leading onto some being selected to officiate at high profile events.

To register a Badminton Young Officials Award course please read the information sheets below.  Contact your local Workforce officer for information about local tutors.
 Send the completed Registration form to

YOA1 Registration Form YOA2 Cost & Criteria
YOA Process Sheet  

Prior to the attending a Young Official Award course, why don't you test your knowledge of the Badminton Laws by completing the Online YOA Test

Or, if you have completed the Young Officials Award already, go ahead and GET INVOLVED!