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At the National Badminton Centre, Bradwell Road, Loughton Lodge,  

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NATIONAL BADMINTON MUSEUM OPEN DAY                                      SATURDAY 13 SEPTEMBER 2014

The National Badminton Museum will be holding an Open Day in association with English Heritage Open Days being held all over the country on Saturday September 13  from 10 am to 4 p.m.

 For those of you who have attended previously we wish to advise that certain changes will be made and additional material that has been put out for the day previously in the All England Room will not happen – we will be short of volunteers on the day as a result of holidays.  Displays normally on show will be available – many have been updated since last year.  You will be able to view the courts in the centre that the international players use for training.

 As a new venture we will set up a help desk and will be happy to try and answer any questions on badminton that you may have – the office and store will be open for consultation and looking things up.  Please come and talk to us.

 We will also be happy to talk to you about any items you may have and would like considered for inclusion at Milton Keynes.  We are now following Museum guide lines on accepting items and are issuing the official paper work for all items donated.  We can no longer accept duplicate items unless they are in better condition than our item.

 Do please come and talk to us about any badminton memorabilia you may have.

 The National Badminton Centre caters for disabled visitors.

 The restaurant in the National Badminton Centre will be open and able to provide light refreshments to our visitors.

 The two books normally on sale in the Museum will be available to purchase.



If you would like further information on the National Badminton Museum at Milton Keynes, please e-mail: