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The Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme [TASS] is a government funded initiative and offers indirect financial support in the form of strength & conditioning, sport science and various lifestyle advice to talented athletes' involved in high performance sport whilst continuing their education.

The Scholarship Scheme, which can claim the likes of Rajiv Ouseph amongst its alumni, currently includes 13 badminton players.


Following a UK Sport announcement notifying TASS of a reduced level of funding for 2013-14, TASS has had to make some changes to its operational plans for the 2013-14 TASS year. As a consequence, summer Olympic sports are to receive less support for the coming year. The outcome of this for badminton nominated TASS athletes during 2013-14 is as follows;

• Athletes on TASS must be (or at least turn) 18 years old during the forthcoming TASS year (2013-14)
• The Award will now only offer Core Service support through a TASS Hub or Partner site to confirmed athletes (sport specific support will no longer be provided i.e. coaching and expenses payments worth £2000). Core services include strength & conditioning, physiotherapy, medical assistance/cover & lifestyle advice.
• TASS Core Services will only be provided to athletes through the TASS Hub network, therefore an athlete needs to be able to access one of these sites regularly to be eligible for TASS support. TASS Lead Hub sites are established at the following Universities; Manchester, Sheffield Hallam, Loughborough, Birmingham, Hertfordshire, St. Mary’s, Southampton, Bath. TASS Partner sites are located at the following Universities; Northumbria, Leeds Metropolitan, Liverpool John Moores, Essex and Exeter.
• Please note, TASS Education Criteria and Sport Selection Criteria still apply and can be found for download to the right of this page.

Please find updated details in relation to the TASS Award nomination criteria and process provided in the download to the right of this page titled ‘2013-14 Selection Criteria and Process’.

You will also find details opposite in respect to the ‘TASS Education Criteria’ and ‘TASS Education Requirements’ that athletes need to fulfill to be eligible for an Award (as per noted above).

Selected for Nomination 2013-14

The players that have been selected and have accepted a nomination to TASS for 2013-14 are as follows (posted Tuesday 10th September at 11:30am)

• Lynnlette Aung
• Oliver Baczala (TBC)
• Chloe Birch
• Peter Briggs
• Michael Campbell
• Aaron Cheng
• Jenny Moore
• Lydia Powell
• Harley Towler
• Viki Williams


Selected Players on TASS 2012-13 

Darren Adamson Leeds Met University
Lynnlette Aung Southampton University
Chloe Birch Sheffield Hallam University
Sophie Brown Leeds Met University
Aaron Cheng Loughborough University
Alex Lane University of Bath (via Exeter University)
Jenny Moore Manchester University
Sam Parsons University of Birmingham
Panuga Riou University of Bath
Michael Roe Manchester University
Sophie Sankey Leeds Met University
Viki Williams University of Southampton
Tom Wolfenden Manchester University





















TASS General

BADMINTON England believe TASS is an excellent way in which to help support players primarily within the England Senior Programme (and also Home Countries players) who are progressing towards selection for the GB Programme, along with England Junior Programme players who have the potential in the near future to meet GB level criteria. Any nominated athletes should have the potential to progress onto a funded Programme within 18 months.

The TASS Programme runs annually from the 1st October - 30th September and has set-up links between National Governing Bodies and higher education/further education institutions where the initiative is implemented.

Each individual athlete (aged between 18-28) is supported indirectly through a TASS Hub located at a number of universities around the country.
For further information on TASS, please go to the official TASS website or their FAQ page here.