England Performance Training

England Performance Training

England Performance Training is intended to form a key part of the overall England performance structure and provides additional high quality training to compliment Performance Centre sessions for those identified at the top end of the PC pathway.

EPT training consists of regular weekly technical sessions throughout the year (minimum of one 2 hourly session for 48 weeks), which is organised as much as possible to fit around players’ existing PC emerging sessions. Hosts are expected as part of their role to liaise with Centres in the region to provide a suitable fit so that players attending EPT training are including EPT as additional to their PC commitments. The relationship between EPT and PC should be maintained in order to, amongst other things, help identification of future players for sessions.

Who is EPT targeted at?

• The primary target is U15, U17 and U19 England Junior Programme Players.
• Non-programme players regularly challenging and competing with Junior Programme players.
• Top end Emerging Players from PCs.
• Senior players that enhance the quality of the training environment.

In setting up EPT in various locations around the country, BADMINTON England sought applications to host EPT from organisations including Performance Centre’s, a group of Performance Centre's, accredited clubs, county associations and educational institutions.

Manchester Performance Centre was the first approved EPT host and following a successful pilot , full roll out of the EPT initiative began in 2011. As a former High Performance Centre, Manchester was identified as an ideal area to run the pilot due to a large existing player base, high quality coaches and a strong management structure.

Manchester Performance Centre also used the presence of EPT in the region to drive a localised programme of mentoring and continuous professional development for coaches in the surrounding network of Performance Centres.

BADMINTON England aims to have 10 England Performance Training Hosts established, based around the current and future geographical spread of players. Currently, EPT is approved at the following locations:

• University of Birmingham – Lead Coach, Lorraine Cole
• Derbyshire PC – Lead Coach, Donna Kellogg
• Leeds EPT -Lead Coach, Harry Wright
• Manchester PC – Lead Coach, Colin Haughton
• Milton Keynes – Lead Coach, Julia Mann
• Sheffield PC – Lead Coach, Richard Morris
• University of Surrey – Lead Coach, Hayley Connor
• Wycombe EPT – Lead Coach, George Bevan

BADMINTON England part-fund the operating costs of EPT - including shuttle contribution and the lead coach hourly rate. The Host location is then responsible for managing the finances and charging an appropriate fee to players.