U13 Bronze

Players born on or after 1 Jan 2003 are eligible to play in this age group.

The U-13 BRONZE circuit is made up of 25 events - including tournaments that would previously feature on U-13 Silver circuit.  Players graded A-G from within the age group or above are not permitted to enter these events. 



NEW FORMAT - All Under 13 Bronze tournaments will be using the new format below for singles only:

  • First round with majority of groups containing 4 players, groups of 3 is permitted. 
  • Second round split into 2 KO's
  • Top two finishing positions go into top KO1, remaining players go into KO2

The referee may use their discretion to make minor adjustments to the format.

> Games will be 1 game to 21 rally points, extended to 30 in knock out rounds only.
Bronze events will now be seeded.

All players must be members of Badminton England in order to compete in the U17/U15/U13 Bronze circuit.


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