A word from the Performance Director

A word for the Performance Director…

Jens GrillJens Grill was announced as the new Performance Director for the Great Britain and England Performance Programmes in May 2011.  

Speaking through his guest blog spot through funding partner UK Sport, the Dane shared his thoughts as the Olympic qualifying window opened.

The Great Britain Badminton World Class Performance Programme (WCPP) is in a crucial evolutionary phase. 

We are now at the start of the year-long Olympic qualification period but over the last 12 months, the programme has undergone a significant and fundamental review - led by Vikki McPherson - to evaluate all operational aspects of the programme and some very hard questions have been asked. 

Having conducted a series of incredibly direct and honest internal feedback sessions, the will and potential to evolve the programme was palpable.

Conducting this review mid way through the cycle for a home Olympics has been challenging but the need to ensure the foundations were laid for 2016 was unquestionable.

There was a strong recognition that the World Class Performance Programme had both failed to keep pace with the rest of the badminton world and to take advantage of the opportunities available to learn from other sports.

With both a home World Championships and a home Olympics on the horizon there will never be a better opportunity to prompt a step change in the operation and aspiration of the programme; an opportunity I intend to fully capitalise on.

I am in no doubt of the challenge ahead, but nor do I doubt our desire and ability to meet it. We need to quickly capitalise on the strengths of the players and staff we already have in place.

We are fortunate in that the majority of the programme is based at the National Badminton Centre in Milton Keynes, and supported by dedicated coaching and English Institute of Sport sport medicine and science staff, but with the GB players competing in up to 40 separate international competitions a year effective operational management is key.