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Welcome to the School, College, University and Junior Clubs section.  Whether you are interested in affiliating to BADMINTON England, Bisi Badminton, Leadership Awards, Center Parcs National Schools Championships, or accrediting your school / college, it is here that you will find the latest information.

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 Badminton Young Officials Award (YOA)

Award for 14-19 year olds 



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Talent Development System

Players on the BADMINTON England tournament circuit can be nominated to receive assistance from National Age Group Coaches to develop their game. Anyone who reaches the nomination standard and submits a nomination will receive as a minimum feedback on their game based on tournament observation. A small number of players selected from the nominations will be invited to attend 3 National Talent Development Days.

Details of the Talent Development system, including answers to frequently asked questions, can be obtained by downloading the document entitled "BADMINTON England Talent Development System and FAQ's" (see below).