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Bisi Badminton

Bisi Badminton Equipment

Below is a list of suggested equipment needed for the delivery of Bisi Badminton.  To purchase the badminton specific, high quality equipment please download the Bisi Order Form.  (All prices listed at 20% VAT.)


Bisi Badminton Primary resource (KS1&2)
Online Resource Only – Free of charge.

Please contact for more information

Bisi Badminton Primary is aimed at pupils who are beginning their physical education journey within the National Curriculum. Its aim is to support teachers and coaches to develop pupil's physical literacy and movement development and provides the first steps for all young badminton players.

  • Handbook
  • Lesson Plans
  • Primary Movement Cards
  • Picture Flash Cards
  • Award Scheme
  • Online resource
Bisi Badminton Primary resource

Bisi Badminton Secondary resource (KS3 & 4)
(reduced from £46)

The resources in this pack are designed to support young people to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. Pupils are taught using the key concepts to develop, deepen, and broaded their knowledge and understanding.

Lesson Frameworks
Shot Analysis Cards
Tactical Cards
GCSE & BTEC Resource Cards

Bisi Badminton Secondary resource

Bisi Primary Rackets Bag
(reduced from £369)

6 Bisi Mini 21" rackets
6 Bisi Junior 23" rackets
6 Bisi Classic 25" rackets
2 dozen Bisi shuttles
Bisi Holdall (with wheels)

Bisi Primary Rackets Bag

Bisi Accessories Bag
(reduced from £240)

Throw-down lines & corners (20 lines, 4 corners),
18 fluff balls, 5 giant shuttles, reaction balls (6 small), 12 throw-down spots, 6 fun shuttles, beanbag scarves, 5 racket catchers, 20 Plusballs, 2 dozen Bisi shuttles, 1 set of traffic light cards, 1 Bisi holdall

Bisi Shuttles, Balls & Lines Bag

Ultimate Primary Bisi Bag
(reduced from £595)

Combines everything from the Primary Rackets Bag and the Bisi Accessories Bag

 Bisi Accessories Bag

Secondary Rackets Bag
(reduced from £305)

5 Bisi Classic 25" rackets
12 Bisi Classic 27" rackets
2 dozen Bisi shuttles
Bisi Holdall

 Bisi Secondary Rackets Bag

Arrowspeed Bisi Graphite racket (new design)

Full size racket, 100% graphite, mid flexibility shaft

 Arrowspeed Bisi Graphite

Bisi Carbon Racket
(reduced from £17.50)

Full size, lightweight, carbon graphite shaft

 Bisi Carbon racket

Bisi Classic 27" Racket

Full size, suitable for ages 11 upwards

 Bisi Classic 27

Bisi Classic 25" Racket

Excellent for ages 8-11, lightweight

 Bisi Classic 25

Bisi Junior 23" Racket

For ages 6-9.  The perfect developmental racket

 Bisi Junior 23

Bisi Mini 21" Racket

For ages 5-7.  A great starter racket

 Bisi Mini 21

Bisi Net & Post Set £59.99

New lightweight design.  Great for introductory school badminton. Matching bag suitable for storing the net and post set.

 Bisi Net & Post set

Bisi+ Shuttles

Excellent value nylon shuttle for school and club use. Durable nylon shuttle with high friction cork base.

Tube of 6

 Bisi+ Shuttles

Giant Shuttle

Approx. 17cm

 Giant Shuttle

Fun Shuttles 

Pack of 6

 Fun Shuttles

Paddle Bat

Pack of 6

 Paddle Bat

Fluff Balls

Pack of 6

 Fluff Balls

7cm Reaction Balls

Pack of 6

 7cm Reaction Balls

10cm Reaction Ball

Pack of 4

 10cm Reaction Ball

Beanbag Scarves

Pack of 6

 Beanbag Scarf




Pack of 20 (11cm)


Racket Catcher

 Racket Catcher

Shuttle Measure

Jump and Reach chart

 Shuttle Measure

Throw-down Spots

Pack of 6

 Throw-down spots

Throw-down Lines & Corners

Pack of 24

 Throw-down Lines & Corners

Bisi Holdall

Bisi bag with wheels

 Bisi Holdall