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Badminton England are pleased to provide County Associations access to a Tournament Management Software. The software, provided by Visual Reality, is called ‘Tournament Planner’.

The software can be downloaded online by clicking here and each County Association has been allocated a 'licence' to the software. This licence is managed by a nominated person within the County who controls its distribution.

Badminton England have produced a guide to help you start your journey with Tournament Planner including where to find help and some useful hints and tips. Please familiarise yourself with this guide if you are using the software.


Button - Written Guide

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Button - 1.1 Installing and registering TP

Button - Watch the video

Button - 2.1 Creating a new tournament Button - Watch the video
Button - 2.2 Publish the tournament online Button - Watch the video
Button - 2.3 Setting up online entry  
Button - 2.4 Adding players Button - Watch the video
Button - 2.5 Using the player validation tool  
Button - 2.6 Importing player rankins  
Button - 2.7 Backup your tournament
Button - 3.1 How to create a draw Button - Watch the video
Button - 3.2 Selecting the players  
Button - 3.3 Seeding the players  
Button - 3.4 Making the draw Button - Watch the video
Button - 3.5 Scheduling matches Button - Watch the video 
Button - 3.6 Emailing from TP
Button - 4.1 Printing match slips  
Button - 4.2 Printing sign in sheet